Lomopedia: Minolta SR-T 101

A classic camera that remains to be a great option for learning the ropes of 35mm film SLR photography, the Minolta SR-T 101 was introduced in the 1960s and loved for its significant features and all-mechanical design.

Do you have a Minolta SR-T 101? Find out what you can do with your camera: http://bit.ly/1eHnNIH

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“People change. Feelings change. It doesn’t mean that the love once shared wasn’t true or real. It simply means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.”

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my ideal body weight is you on top of me.

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I taught myself to knit about 4 months ago. I’d never knitted before but having a million chest infections in a row means you need to find something to keep you occupied while you’re stuck in bed feeling miserable. 

Knitted Bowie is my first wee project and I plan on making more little characters. He’s naked for now…I’m in the middle of making a miniature jumpsuit that would make Kansai Yamamoto proud. 

I’m hoping my next lot will be a bit more defined and tidy but he’s pretty cool, despite the dodgy neck and strange arm/leg thickness.

"How do I like ‘gay’ things without freaking my religious parents out?"

Plus: the best lip syincing ever.

"I wish I knew how to love someone without killing myself. How to mend hearts without breaking my own. How to kiss and not create bruises."

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me gustas tu

Notting Hill, London

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12 Animals Whose Names Etymologically Describe Them


  1. Porpoise, “Pig Fish”
  2. Aardvark, “Earth Pig”
  3. Porcupine, “Thorny Pig”
  4. Hippopotamus, “River Horse”
  5. Rhinoceros, “Nose Horn”
  6. Octopus, “Eight Feet”
  7. Orangutan, “Man Of The Forest”
  8. Squirrel, “Shade Tail”
  9. Chameleon, “Dwarf Lion”
  10. Armadillo, “Little Armored One”
  11. Flamingo, “Flaming, Flame-Colored”
  12. Ferret, “Little Thief”


Kylemore Abbey, Connemara

by Michael Sass